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Dear Students,
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01 - What are the names of the 3 major cemeteries in Paris? Which one is located in the east, south, and north, respectively? How many burial plots are there in the biggest cemetery?
02 - What is the name of the oldest bridge in Paris?
03 - From which point are road distances in France measured?
04 - Where can you visit the tomb of an unknown soldier and who does it commemorate?
05 - What are tourists eager to visit at the Conciergerie?
06 -Name some of the attractions The Forum des Halles offers.
07 - Why are tourists recommended to visit the Grande Arche de la Défense?
08 - Which king decided to have the Hôtel des Invalides built? For whom? Whose tomb can be visited there?
09 - The Hôtel de Ville is not what you would call a 'hotel' in English. What is it the seat of and what would you call it in English?
10 - When were the Champs Elysées given their name? Which famous landscape gardener designed them? What were his intentions?
11 - What is the name of the square where the guillotine was set up?
12 - When was the new French National Library site inaugurated? Which French President is the site named after? How many people can it accommodate?
13 - Whose burial place is the Panthéon?
14 - What title does the Eiffel Tower claim for itself? What do we learn about its height and its weight? What occasion/event was it built for?
15 - Which floors of the Tour Montparnasse can tourists visit? What can they enjoy from there?

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