Web-based EFL activities

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Virtual Discovery Trips

OnestopEnglish City Webquests: Boston, Kingston, London, Los Angeles, New York, Oxford, Sydney

The Bristol Quiz © Bernd Schmoll

Unterrichtsvorschlag: Thema Scotland (Klasse 7) / Welcome to Scotland Klasse 11 © Kurt Sester (Gymnasium Neckartenzlingen, Seminar Esslingen)

Perth: Western Australia: Web Unit © Reinhard Donath

A coast to coast virtual road trip © Hoa Nguyen

Can You Survive at Jamestown? WebQuest

Virtual Field Trip Links © Dee Ann Hill

An Internet-based Treasure Hunt on China © Tom March - Introduction, questionnaire, internet resources

WebQuests involving Role-Play

Ellis Island: Island of Hope, Island of Tears: Virtual tour mit 'tasks' und vorgegebenen Links. Die Schüler können durch Identifikation mit exemplarischen Einwandererschicksalen die Ankunft in Amerika nachvollziehen

Coming to a New Land - A WebQuest for 4th Grade (Reading/Social Studies) - Designed by Priscilla Boersma

Wagons West!! A WebQuest for 5th Grade 
Designed by Marsha Jenkins and Lorraine Gaughenbaugh

California Gold Rush Treasure Hunt © Museum Educational Foundation, Thousand Oaks, CA , designed and written by Candace Jackson 

Be a Reporter on a Voyage of Exploration: A WebQuest for 5th Grade Social Studies Designed by Peter Barnes

Experiencing India's Caste System / A WebQuest for 6th Grade (Social Studies) Designed by The Edtech 570 Web Quest Team of Rebecca Clark, Mike Guerena, Terri Linman and Daniel Pearson

Little Rock 9 - Intergration 0 ? A Collaborative WebQuest on Racial Desegregation in Schools © Tom March

Une fin de semaine dans le Dauphiné : simulation

An American Story: the O'Neil family (who originally settled in the USA at the end of the XIXth century. This WebQuest focuses on the first generation in the family that set foot on the American land) (c) Frédéric Chotard


Lifestyles - Customs - Holidays

A Halloween Webquest © Sonia Meldade / e-teach@listes.educnet.education.fr
Une salle des profs virtuelle pour les enseignants d'anglais



Hello Dolly: a webquest about cloning - © Keith Nuthall Poway Unified School District / Sek. II


Controversial Issues

Webquest: The Death Penalty in the United States © Michèle Henry

Champions of Justice: A Human Rights Webquest  © webquestdirect.com

Global Warming & Australia : a WebQuest / Website adapted by E. Bendzulla from one produced by T.Lynch, Queensland

Global Warming: WHY IS IT SO HOT? by Margie Calderon and Jenny Rosario

Global Warming Webquest Created by: Jessica Chandler & Angela Megaw


Crime & Mystery
The Death of King Tutankhamun: Was it Murder? a webquest © Washington Intermediate School, Pekin, Illinois

WhoDunnit? © Linda C. Joseph and Linda D. Resch

Literary Subjects

An Ernest Hemingway Webquest © Holzwarth / Hartland Elementary School

Anne Frank Webquest  © B. Koch


Politics / Famous Personalities
US Presidential Elections / a webquest by Uwe Klemm

George Washington: An Internet Treasure Hunt for ESL students © Susan Silvermann

Dr. Martin Luther King: a webquest (mit PowerPoint Timeline)

A Scavenger Hunt on Famous American Women: prepared by Lisa Kermes, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

About the United Kingdom © Michelle Henry


Young People's Issues

Teen Smoking and Drinking: A WebQuest for high school health classes © Kathy Reynolds

Why do I have to go to school? © Paul Plummer



German American Internet Scavenger Hunt © Edmund J. Sass, Ed.D


WebQuest Theory

The WebQuest Page © Bernie Dodge (Examples!), Readings and Training Materials, Creating a WebQuest

A WebQuest Taskonomy: a taxonomy of tasks (Bernie Dodge)

Active Learning on the Web © Bernie Dodge

James Rainville: Missions virtuelles

Reinhard Donath: "Meine dokumentierten Web-Units"

Web-Unit 4: "Newspaper" im Englischunterricht © Reinhard Donath

Web-Units zum Ausprobieren: Seminar: Closing in on the Internet in the Foreign Language Classroom SoSe 2000 (Bach / Donath - Uni Bremen)

Weaving the Web into Your K-12 Curriculum: A WebQuest designed for use with pre-service and in-service teachers © Bernie Poole, Beckie Randall, Tom Snyder Productions Summer Institute for Advanced Technology Integration, August 2002

Web-Units: "Aktivitäten für verschiedene Klassenstufen, die auf sorgfältig ausgesuchten Internetadressen aufbauen. Die begleitenden Fragen und Aufgaben ermöglichen den Schülerinnen und Schülern auf unterhaltsame Weise ihr Englisch sowie ihre Medienkompetenz zu üben und mehr über die verschiedenen Themen zu erfahren." (c) Klett

edHelper.com: Webquests


Using a WebQuest in your Classroom © Internet4Classrooms


Grazing the Net: Raising a Generation of Free Range Students: "The theme of this article is the value of raising young people to think, explore and make meaning for themselves." © Jamie McKenzie

Rubrics for Web Lessons © Nancy Pickett and Bernie Dodge


Creating WebQuests / Workshops

A WebQuest Workshop -  What is a WebQuest? What are the benefits of WebQuests? How did WebQuests start, and how have they developed since they became popular? What are the essential parts of a WebQuest? What kinds of topics lend themselves to WebQuests? What do I need to create a WebQuest? What are some critical perspectives? How can I use WebQuests in conjunction with other educational techniques?

Tutorials: How to create a Webquest © Trip 1

Adapting and enhancing existing webquests © Bernie Dodge

A road map for designing webquests © Bernie Dodge

A Webquest on creating a Webquest © DBartrow

Welcome to Recycle City © Derrick A. Swistak

Fine Points: Little Things That Make a Big Difference This page was designed by Bernie Dodge

A Web Quest about Firemen and Fire Safety Designed by Walda Brooks

WebQuest Academy: Creating curriculum-based Internet activities for K-12 students © Stan Smith / Instructional Technology Coordinator, Warrensburg, Missouri


WebQuest-related Links

Webquest-related links © Ecole Whitehorse Elementary School / Pearl-Hodkins

Web Knowledge (Scavenger) Hunts for Secondary Education © Bernie Poole

WebQuest Links © sitesbysheridan.com

The TeachersFirst WebQuest Collection

Yorkville Districts 115's WebQuests © Yorkville CUSD / Sylvia Torto

Webquests: Endangered Species. Let's go to NYC, About the UK. Royal Palaces, Dickens and Victorian Times, Let's go on holiday, Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, The CIA, The White House and Washington D.C:© Michelle Henry

Tom March: Criteria for Assessing Best WebQuests (avoid the 7 red flags)

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