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01 - What happens all over Britain on the night of November 5th?
02 - Who do people commemorate that way?
03 - What did Guy Fawkes, together with a group of men, try to do with?
04 - What were English Catholics hoping when Queen Elisabeth I died in 1603? 
05 - Why were they disappointed?
06 - How did some Catholics react when they saw their hope unfulfilled?
07 - Who might have died as a result of their attempts?
08 - What would people like Fawkes and his fellow conspirators be called now?
09 - How did they try to put their murderous plan into practice?
10 - At what moment did some conspirators start questioning what they were doing?
11 - How did one conspirator try to warn a friend of his?
12 - Who was that letter even shown to?
13 - What happened to Guy Fawkes when the authorities searched the cellar of the parliament?
14 - Why might the conspirators' plans have failed anyway?
15 - What other term is often used to refer to Guy Fawkes Day?
16 - What might some Englishmen be celebrating rather than the traitor's execution?
17 - How many conspirators were there altogether?
18 - Who was their leader?
19 - Why did Guy Fawkes become famous even though he wasn't the leader?
20 - Why wasn't Jeremy Tresham executed like all the others?
21 - What did the authorities use the conspirators' confessions for?
22 - How were the traitors executed?
23 - Why was that method of public execution chosen?
24 - Who might the letter have been 'fabricated' by?
25 - What do some historians believe concerning the letter?
26 - Which of the traitors is suspected of telling the authorities about their plans?
27 - In what year did the tradition of lighting bonfires start?
28 - Whose effigy is sometimes burned along with the Guy dummy?

29 - How do children collect money? What do they use it for?

30 - Which town in South East England attracts thousands of visitors for its festivities?

31 - Where has the custom spread to?

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