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01 - What reasons are there for going to a pub?
02 - What do the webmasters hope to provide visitors to their site with?

Visitors' Guide to Drinking in the UK

03 - What's the legal drinking age in the UK?
04 - What are young pub-goers advised to bring? Why? 
05 - What other "drinking ages" are there in certain pubs?
06 - Who decides whether guests under a certain age limit will get in or not?
07 - How should you behave if the management refuse to let you in? 
08 - What might happen if you insisted on getting in?
09 - What exceptions are there to the strict rules governing underage drinking?
10 - What are parents expected to do if they bring their children to the pub?
11 - What opening and closing times apply during the week?
12 - Compare opening and closing times in Scotland to those in England? 
13 - When and how are "last orders" announced?
14 - What can't you even do after that time?
15 - How long is "drinking up time"?
16 - Some pubs will allow you to finish up your drink slowly. How about others?
17 - What are "lock ins" and why can they lead to problems?
18 - What kind of establishments can you go to for a late night drink?
19 - Why do these places have "gentlemen" on the door?
20 - What problem must also be  thought of when you go out for a late drink?
21 - How do you order a drink and how does it get to your table? 
22 - Where do you order food and how do you get it?
23 - What shouldn't you do if you go to the pub in a group? Why not?
24 - How should you behave if there are lots of people at the bar and you can't get to the counter to order your drink?
25 - Why shouldn't you try to push to the head of the queue?

26 - What must people who want to use their credit cards know?

27 - Why might some pubs ask you not to take out your pint and drink it in the street?

28 - What must you remember when you order a round of drinks that includes Guinness?
29 - What areas can you choose from to go on a virtual pub crawl?
30 - What was the Covent Garden area like in former times? What has it developed into?
31 - Study the descriptions of London pubs. Find an example of a pub the webmasters like. Find an example of a pub they dislike. Give reasons.
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