The British Airways London Eye: A Webquest

Go to the official British Airways London Eye web site

and answer the questions below:


Click here to download the question sheet: eye.doc
Dear Students,
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01 - What invitation greets the visitor to the London Eye web site?
Welcome / Pre-flight Information
02 – What kind of an attraction is the "London Eye"?
03 – What does the Eye offer its passengers?
04 – How long does a "flight" on the "Eye" last?
05 – What height does the flight take you to?
06 – What do we learn about the "capsules"?

Admission Charges

07 – How much does an adult normally pay to fly?
08 – How much more do adults pay during the summer?
09 – What day is the "Eye" closed on?
10 – Name 6 ways of getting there.
11 – What is the name of the nearest tube station?
12 – What piece of advice are motorists given?

World of the Eye

13 – What does the wheel represent and celebrate?
14 – What new opportunity does a "flight" offer tourists?
15 – Who came up with the idea of installing the wheel near Westminster Bridge?
16 – What did the architects create when they realised their concept/design?
17 – Which partners did they find to make their dream come true?
18 – What occasion was the wheel installed for?
19 – Why was the wheel built in many different places?
20 – What’s the wheel's diameter?
21 – How many tonnes does it weigh?
22 – How far can you see from the top? a) in miles b) in km?
23 – How did the pieces of the wheel arrive at Westminster Bridge?
24 – Which part was the heaviest piece?
25 – How were the pieces put together?
26 – What were they assembled on?
27 – How was traffic on the Thames taken into consideration?
28 – What is "Taklift 1" the name of?
29 – What letter do the London Eye’s "legs" resemble?
30 – When were the passenger capsules attached to the rim?
31 – What did the designers try to ensure when they planned the capsules?
32 – Name 2 London sights you may see if the weather is fine.

Extension activities:

The official site of the Eiffel Tower features a "carte d'identité de la Tour Eiffel" . Right-click the link to view it in a separate window. Create a similar document for London's bestselling new landmark. offers a description of how to use this webquest in your school's computer lab
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