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Dear Students,
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01 - When was Eton College founded? By whom?
02 - What are "oppidans" and in what respect were they different from "collegers"?
03 - How many "scholars" were there when the college was founded? How many are there now?
04 - How old are the pupils?
05 - What has Eton College done even though it is proud of its traditions?
06 - What would Americans call a school like Eton?

Eton Today

07 - What percentage of the boys receive financial support?
08 - How many boys live together in each "House"?
09 - How does "boarding" help to develop the boys' personalities?
10 - What's a "House Master" and what does he take care of?
11 - What's a "Dame" and what are their responsibilities?
12 - What does the College do for those pupils who do not belong to the Church of England?

Eton's Aims

13 - What adjectives describe the conduct Eton College tries to teach its pupils?
14 - What objectives do Eton College's games programmes aim for? 
15 - What does the College hope its boys will establish during their stay?

Entry to Eton

16 - What was the School's entry system like up until the sixties?
17 - At what age is there a selection procedure for boys who would like to be Etonians?
18 - What examination must boys pass to be accepted?

Eton's History

19 - What university college did King Henry VI found a year after Eton? Why?

Famous Old Etonians

20 - Who is looked upon as the most famous Old Etonian?
21 - How many Old Etonians have been British Prime ministers?
22 - What other fields have former Etonians made careers in? 4 examples!

Studying at Eton - After Eton

23 - How many pupils leave Eton each year?
24 - Where do they go after that? Give details for the boys who left Eton in 1998.


25 - Who do Etonians refer to as "master"?
26 - What do Eton College pupils think of when they mention "trials"?
27 - Which boys are called "Slack Bobs" by their fellow pupils?
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(c) This webquest was created by Jürgen Wagner

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