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The minds behind "Eating in America" are Markus Nowatzki and Matthias Vorhauer. They both are students of English at the Technical College of  Dresden, Germany
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01 - Give 3 typical examples of American fast food dishes.

02 - Where else can fast food be found nowadays?

03 - What has the fast food culture become a symbol for?

04 - Which keywords about American cuisine show that it is not limited to fast food?

05 - How can the diversity of America's eating culture be accounted for?

06 - Name 5 influences that contributed to the development of America's present-day cuisine.

07 - Which European nation influenced cooking in Mexico?

08 - What do many American people think of certain "Italian" dishes?

09 - Who introduced African influences?

10 - Give examples of religious groups that enriched America's eating culture.

11 - What event marks the beginning of the history of American food?

12 - What new vegetables did Europeans find in America?

13 - Which influences characterize Mexican food?

14 - How did the Spanish influence American cooking?

15 - Give 3 examples of Mexican dishes.

16 - When did the English create their first permanent settlement? Where?

17 - "What" did the colonists import to run their cotton and tobacco plantations?

18 - What "local ingredients" did the English settlers enrich their own diet with? 4 examples!

19 - How did the Native Americans help English settlers to survive?

20 - When was the first Thanksgiving held and what did the meals symbolize?

21 - Why was there a greater diversity of vegetables in the South?

22 - Give 2 examples of African influences.

23 - On what occasion are hot dogs very popular with Americans?

24 - Why can America's greatest breweries be found in Milwaukee?

25 - What is the most typical Italian vegetable and what is it used for?

26 - Which state's territory did the US buy from the French?

27 - What did that mean for the state's inhabitants?

28 - When did lots of Asians immigrate?

29 - Why did they leave their home countries?

30 - Which state became the centre of Asian immigration? Why?

31 - Explain how "Chili" came into existence.

32 - What do most people think of the origins of "Chop Suey"?

33 - What anecdote is there about how "Chop Suey" was 'invented'?

34 - What other civilisations had developed fast food traditions even before the Americans? 2 examples!

35 - In what respect can America's culture be compared to a dry sponge?

36 - What expression is used to describe the creation of a new variety of food through a combination of ethnic influences?

37 - What "images" has the idea of America as a "melting pot" of nations been replaced by? 2 examples.

38 - Why is the American way of cooking and eating the way it is?


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This questionnaire was created by Jürgen Wagner, Gymnasium am Rotenbühl, Saarbrücken (with kind permission of the site owners).

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