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Dear Students,
You may not understand certain words used in the questionnaire or on the web site. Don't worry!  There are wonderful  free tools that enable us to look up difficult words online. Try not to look up too many and don't forget to make a vocabulary list and learn them. 
Go to PONSline, das ONline Wörterbuch (c) PONS-Klett and use the search mask at the bottom of the page. Select the right languages before you start.
Go to QuickDic online (c)

Cambridge Dictionaries Online

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Preparatory Activities

Study the interactive Map of the British Virgin Islands. Then click here to match the islands' names and their outlines
Go to, click on 'Tortola' and write down the names of 10 bays.
Go to the CIA-Factbook CIA-Factbook and gather information about the British Virgin Islands with respect to the following head words: geographic location, climate, environmental issues, population, ethnic groups and find out which sector of the BVI's economy is most important.
Find out about the location of the British Virgin Islands (puzzle)
Rearrange the pieces of this map of the British Virgin Islands (puzzle)
Get to know the Flag of the British Virgin Islands (puzzle)
Get to know the Seal of the British Virgin Islands (puzzle)

01 - What name are the British Virgin Islands known by?
02 - What makes BVI beaches so attractive and what are they like? You may also retrieve information from
03 - Give 3 examples of "world class" beaches. 
04 - What makes the British Virgin Islands so extremely popular with sailors and what are they called as a consequence?
05 - Why are the BVI an ideal place for divers?
06 - What arguments does the BVI Tourist Board use to convince couples to get married in the British Virgin Islands?
07 - Which side of the road do you drive on in the BVI?
08 - What must tourists do before they are allowed to drive in the BVI?

09 - What document does a German tourist need to enter the BVI and how long can he stay there?
10 - When do most tourists go there and what advice are we given about when it's best for us to go there? Why?
11 - What currency is used in the BVI? Why?
12 - Food and  accommodation are rather expensive in the BVI. What are the reasons why they are?
13 - How much money does a 'richer' tourist spend a day, how much will his 'poorer' counterpart spend as a minimum and what will they respectively get for it?
14 - Who was there a long time before Columbus discovered the BVI? When did they respectively arrive?
15 - Who did the BVI get their name from and what was the choice of that name motivited by?
16 - What do the Spanish Names of 'Virgin Gorda' and 'Anegada' mean in English?
17 - The text about the History of the BVI mentions Henry Morgan, Sir John Hawkins and Blackbeard. Who were they?
18 - 1648, 1680, 1803 are three of the most important fugures in the history of the BVI? What do they respectively stand for?
19 - What is the political status of the British Virgin Islands? 
20 - Who's the British Virgin Islands head / chief of state?

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(c) This webquest was created by Jürgen Wagner on the occasion of the Fair "Play for Fair Life Day" [Gymnasium am Rotenbühl - Saarbrücken - July 20th 2005]

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